Ride Bells 
The Lucky Bell
Have you experienced strange and unexplainable difficulties such as:
your bike won't start
gears won't shift
loose wires
Maybe, it's because you got the evil road gremlins. Gremlins are tiny monsters that like to destroy and wreak havoc wherever they go. They can not tolerate the bell because the bell represents order and justice, therefore, they climb inside the bell to destroy it. If you hang the bell on your bike, the constant ringing of the bell will drive them crazy and force them to fall off you bike.
When you buy a bell for yourself you receive good luck. If you buy the bells for your friends, they get double the luck. Often, friends and couples buy bells and exchange them with each other.
You can never have too much luck!

Here are 3 new style bells called the Gremlin Bells
These measure 1 1/2" at the base and 1 3/4" top to bottom.
Three individual designs with legend on back of attached card & a wire for attaching to the bike.
Eaqle - Bike - Guardian Angel
$6.00 each

Gremlin Bell with Eagle
Gremlin Bell with Bike

Gremlin Bell with Guardian Angel