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13 new HD patch designs
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Search Engine Submission and Internet Marketing

Search Engine Submission

Welcome to Biker-Discount.com.
The original Biker Shop. Biker Discount offers a large selection of genuine Harley Davidson patches, assorted Biker Patches, Religious Patches, accessories, and other biker products.

You will find a large selection of the newest styles of Harley Davidson patches and a good number of patch styles that have been discontinued.
We also have a bunch of patches for the Triumph, Honda, Victory, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Suzuki riders out there. These patches are among the most popular available, in the riding community today.
Some of the other products you'll find are:
some real fine sounding Ride Bells or Legend Bells, as some call them
vest extenders in some of the newest styles
a good selection of Biker Pins

Head Wraps or Doo-Rags as some call them, in over 30 styles to choose from

Below are two of the newest designs of patches Harley Davidson has come out with.
                        (click any patch above to take a look at the rest of the new designs)

6 typical biker patch designs are shown below.

                                                                       (click any patch to go to this page)

We at Biker-Discount.com strive to maintain the old traditions of doing business.
If we may be of service at any time please don"t hesitate to contact us, via email at:
or by phone at:
(865) 816-3638 ask for Carey Barnes
 Major Credit Cards Accepted

Your might want to bookmark the site as it will be updated regularly.
The site was last updated on 22-Jun-15